Try this 10k variation for a great, high intensity, speed session.  This “10K Speed Pyramid” really does fit the bill.  Depending on how hard you push it you could well get some lactate threshold benefits with consistent training.  If one of your major goals is calorie burn for weight loss – this is just the session you are looking for.  There is no reason why it can’t be adapted for longer or shorter sessions – the formula is pretty simple to follow.


The first kilometre should be run at a nice steady pace.  Take your time, get the pulse rate and body temperature up and prep yourself for the demands of the next 9K.  At the end of the warm up kilometre I would definitely recommend do some strides, running drills and mobility work before the hard work begins.


The aim is to run the fast paced sections at threshold pace.  For me this is around 10k to half marathon pace.  The session is 1K hard, 1K easy, 2K hard, 1K easy, 3K hard and 1K easy.  The rest period remains the same and should be done at a nice easy pace so you can hit the speed button during the intervals.  The intervals increase in distance (going up by 1k each time) to top out at a 3k interval.  Great fun and a good test!


The final kilometre is the start of the cool down.  Take your time, go easy and start flushing away the lactic acid that has built up.  Feel free to increase the distance of the cool down and make sure you perform a full body stretch to finish and kick start the recovery process.

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