Like so many I have a full time job and a family I am dedicated to.  I do a decent amount of running (up to 50 miles a week) but I am determined to not only keep enjoying it, but to run more often without a negative impact on family time, and to get faster.  With this in mind I want to become a regular morning runner.


Firstly it is a time when the rest of the household is asleep.  I do not lose cherished family time if I am up and out while others are in bed.

Second, I have no doubt that increasing mileage will have a beneficial effect on race times.  Friends of mine who run fantastic marathon times, run significantly further than me in training.  Double days are likely the way forward and that means being up and out.

Finally, there is also no doubt in my mind that early morning exercise and the subsequent endorphin rush is a superb way to start the day.

But I have tried before and failed…

I certainly do plenty of exercise and I do not, and never have been one, for lengthy lie ins.  But I have systematically failed to become a consistent morning runner, despite knowing the benefits I have outlined above.

I have tried preparing things the night before.  I have tried to post messages on my social media pages to make me accountable.  But they have failed to generate a long term habit.

So what is going to be different this time?  What are my top tips?

  1. I will be in bed by 10:30pm at the very latest so that I get my 8 hours sleep.  This won’t be hard for me to achieve.  I am usually tired and out for the count by that time anyway.
  2. My alarm is now set for 5:30am – I will set it for this time even on days when I don’t plan to go out an run.  Nothing wrong with an early get up and some relaxed time before the rush of the working day.  Making it the normal get up time, should make it far less of a chore to get up and exercise.  Today was my first early morning run in my attempt to start a routine – but I have been setting my alarm for 5:30am for three days before which seemed to make it less of shock to the system this morning when it went off. 
  3. And now for perhaps the kicker – take advantage of the summer!  It is easier to get up and motivate yourself to lace up the shoes when it is light outside and the weather is good.  It was an absolute pleasure to be out this morning.  Lets face it – it is not like that in the winter months when it is dark, cold and damp (at best).  This may be a key player in my previous failure – trying to start in the winter.  This time I will use the summer to my advantage – establish the habit and then keep it going long term!

Just look at the photos from this mornings run.  The only way to get out and see these beautiful sunrises is to become a morning runner!