Don't wish for it work for it!
Don’t wish for it work for it!

Winter can be a tough time to get the usual mileage in.  Dark nights and dodgy weather can make the outdoors an less appealing place.  In all honesty it takes quite a bit to force me onto the treadmill, but there is no denying that it has a place.  Long and slow is not an option for me when on the running conveyor belt – its all about the intervals.  Here is a session idea you might want to try out…

Session Plan - Intervals and Circuits
Session Plan – Intervals and Circuits

As always a warm up is important.  A kilometre running starting nice and light and building up should do the trick.  Then off the treadmill for some dynamic stretching to get you loosened off for the hard stuff to come.

Now for the intervals.  8 x 400m reps at about 9 out of 10 on the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale.  I used 200m recoveries for this one and dropped the intensity to about 50% so that it was nice and easy to promote recovery.  The easier the recovery the better to allow you to really go hard during each 400m rep.

A 3 minute recovery at the end of the intervals is enough to allow for some recovery and then to go into the circuit.  A selection of jump squats, hamstring bridges, single arm rows and the plank means the legs get a good workout, there is a power exercise, the hamstrings get some isolation work, the upper back gets some attention as well as the CORE.  Take rest as you need it but try and keep to a minimum.  3 to 5 circuits should be challenging, especially after the hard running beforehand.

Jump Squat
Jump Squat

And to top it all off there is one 500m row as fast as you can to finish things off.  If what has gone before is not enough, the rowing should ensure you go on burning calories long after you have left the gym.

Make sure you cool down and stretch to start the recovery process.  A slow cycle for 5 minutes on a bike and thorough static stretch of you tired muscles.

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