The busy daily lives we lead often hit us hard.  Where has the time gone?  When can I fit in a training session?  With this in mind I thought I would write up a session I have been using that you can fit into a short period…and expect results!

200m REPS!!!

This picture shows a session including 13 x 200m reps at 1500m pace – hard but not unachievable considering the reps are only 200m.  The speed of each rep really varies depending on how many you are trying to complete.  From a fat burning perspective, the faster you go in each rep the more effective the session.  The greater the after burn.  This is the extent to which your body continues burning calories long after the training is over.  The Poloquin Group have written a great article on the benefit of interval training on fat loss.

Some basic rules to follow:

  1. Perform a thorough warm up with 5-10 minutes jogging followed by some mobility.  Then another 5 minutes of jogging raising the pulse significantly in preparation for the exercise.
  2. Perform the first few reps relatively easily to let your body ease into things before ramping it up.
  3. The faster you go the more effective the session.
  4. The rest intervals can vary.  Make them easy so that you can go hard during the interval for greatest effect.
  5. Make sure you warm down properly and stretch to start the recovery process.

You could do a similar session to the one I have pictured above, or you could really test yourself by maxing out on the 200s. Follow the rules above, and then go flat out on the 200m reps.  Do only 5 reps in total with 2 minute jog recoveries between.  Fewer reps does not have to mean that it is easier.

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