In May this year I started seeing a running coach for the first time.  One of the key take aways from those meetings was the need to develop fluid movement.  To do that meant regular mobility exercises.

This basic routine can be completed in as little as 5 minutes with each exercise lasting about 30s.  Make sure you complete the leg swings and hip flexor stretching on each side of the body.

Arm swings to mobilise the upper back.

Arm swings with rotation to continue mobilising the upper back, adding in a good side stretch and starting to mobilise the hip area.

The dynamic calf stretch is a great exercise for runners.  As a runner myself I am pretty good at stretching the big muscles, but neglect smaller muscle groups like the calves.

Leg swings for the hamstrings.

And, to top it off, the hip flexor stretch which may also help mobilise the quads if you are tight like me!

Gentle movements to point of stretch, gradually increasing range of motion is the way to go.  Avoid moving too quickly, especially at the start of the routine, and only go to point of stretch.

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