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Max Speed Interval​​ Session

Lactate threshold training

Intensity is best monitored using a heart rate monitor.

The aim of this session is to provide runners of all fitness levels with a​​ tough workout to​​ develop​​ their lactate threshold.

The max speed running for 1 minute will see lactic acid start to build up quickly. ​​ Take the rest periods easy to allow yourself to recover.

This is a great way to burn body fat and generate results for people who​​ do not have huge amounts of time to commit to training.

At the start of the max speed interval you should be running as fast as you can. ​​ SPRINTING.

Expect your speed to slow dramatically during the minute – the secret is to keep working as hard as you can.


Stage of Session




Warm Up


1k flat run followed by dynamic stretch. ​​ 



Gradually raise pulse to 60% Max Heart Rate


Max Speed Intervals


Each interval should last 1 minute – run​​ it as fast as you can.​​ 


Beginner – 1 to 3 intervals with 3 minutes light jogging between each.


Intermediate – 5 intervals with 2 minutes light jogging between each.


Advanced – 5 to 10 intervals with 1 minute light jogging between each.



80% to 85% Max​​ Heart Rate



Cool Down


1k run followed by a full body static stretch. ​​ 



Gradually reduce pulse rate.


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