How much do you think about what you drink?


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Superstores, local shops, motorway drive thru’s, beach side venders can all offer you a tasty beverage at rock bottom prices.  Famous brands that associate themselves with huge sporting events, have their logos plastered on giant billboards in the biggest cities and sponsor global icons can be bought and consumed all over the world.  Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks alike are readily available almost anywhere to quench your thirst.  But are they good for you?

We could talk about sugar content and the number of additives (and it wouldn’t make pretty reading) but let’s keep this simple – calories.

Fizzy soft drinks regularly contain between 90 and 150kcals in 330mls…worrying when you see the buckets that are sold in fast food outlets and cinemas!!!

A latte might not seem like the worst thing in the world, but a large one will be somewhere between 150 – 250 kcals, not including the addition of sugary syrups.

Alcohol is an interesting one because of a significant amount of evidence to suggest it can be good for you in relatively small doses.  However, a pint of lager is normally somewhere from 170 to 250 kcals, bitter slightly lower with many in the region of 150 – 180 kcals.  Red wine comes in at 150-300kcals per glass depending on size.

So what do all of these drinks have in common?  If not controlled they all have a high calorie content and have the potential to make you gain weight.  Put it in context – if you have 10 of the drinks mentioned above you are likely to be pushing towards a day’s worth of calories in drinks alone.  Remember that to a lot of people the phrase “portion size” means the bigger the better, and combine this with fast food, carbohydrate laden meals, the odd chocolate bar and you have a diet that is exploding calories.

By thinking more about what we drink we can instantly make ourselves healthier and cut a high number of calories from our everyday lives.  And the answer is…WATER!!!  Zero calorie and a massive number of health benefits:

  1. Water is zero calorie so will not result in the weight gain of many other drinks.
  2. Water hydrates your skin.
  3. Water helps the brain and body to function effectively.
  4. Water helps prevent unwanted hunger pangs that lead to high calorie snacking.

A simple health fix – DRINK MORE WATER!