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I am not trying to say I have the perfect diet. I certainly do not live like a hermit and only ensure that what goes in is designed to chisel my physique. That said, I do care what I look like and I do watch what I eat. Without going into huge detail, I do my best to hit my 5 a day, I try to eat plenty of protein and not swamp myself in carbs. You are not likely to find me queuing at the local drive through, swilling a can of fizzy juice, or eating too many prepackaged ready meals. But I would be lying if I said that sweets, alcohol and the odd bit of fast food do not exist in my diet. I love a glass of red wine (in fact I am drinking one as I pen this article), the odd bit of ice cream and sometimes treat myself to some dark chocolate. However, I can confidently say that I have a healthy diet, tracking my calorie content as well as putting a focus on the macro nutrient make up of my diet – thanks to

This makes it easy for me to see what is going in, learn the calorie content of different foods and make good choices the majority of the time. I can also factor in most of the luxuries I have mentioned earlier without them breaking the calorie bank! The knock on effect is it is easier to identify problem areas if I am looking to take things to the next level and make improvements. As a keen marathon runner I need to make sure I manage my weight, not simply for narcissistic reasons, but because my weight has a marked impact on my performance. Letting go between marathon programmes would be of no use when it comes to chasing PBs. So I had a look through my food diary from the last few weeks (which I would say is fairly typical) and identified something immediately – Latte!!! I often had two lattes each day at somewhere between 150 and 250kcals a pop. I averaged about ten a week for the past two weeks meaning that each week I consume roughly 2000kcals (sometimes more) in lattes alone! To give this a context it is about 15% of my target weekly net calorie intake. So here is my goal – because I enjoy a latte and do not want to lose it from my diet – get this figure down to 1000kcals a week.

How can this help you???

  1. Record everything you eat and drink.
  2. Look for patterns.
  3. Establish something that could be considered an area to improve.
  4. Improve it!!!

Over time it can make a significant difference. Keep looking for these small areas of weakness and gradually change your habits until you are able to say that you have a truly healthy diet. Then watch your battle with your waistline become one that you are winning!