What is the Fitness Gazette?


We are people who are passionate about keeping fit.  We love living a healthy lifestyle and are dedicated to doing so.  At this stage it is important to divulge that we are normal people.  We do not live like hermits, but we do make positive life choices most of the time.  We are trained fitness professionals who are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals!Transparent Logo

We do not believe in get fit fast.  We believe that when it comes to fitness you are rewarded for the efforts and sacrifices you make.  We see fitness as a lifestyle and we are dedicated to sharing that lifestyle with others.  We will not promise you sensational get fit quick schemes.  We will not tell you that you are guaranteed to have a 6 pack in 4 weeks time.  But, if you follow the programmes and learn from the information on this site we will make you one promise…